Mechanical keyboard and ordinary keyboard

Date:2017年3月16日 17:55

Mechanical keyboard means the keyboard inside the mechanical structure is relatively ordinary keyboard, an ordinary keyboard mechanism is extremely simple, is also known as the film keyboard, use feel not beyond the ordinary mechanical keyboard keyboard, the key to personal feeling problem. But it is a mechanical keyboard to do some professional work or professional gamers who are needed. Can bring better equipment effect.
1, ordinary keyboard is a thin keyboard, and mechanical keyboard is completely different, the biggest feature is its unique feel, multi key conflict free and long life mechanical keyboard unit is the trigger shaft, while ordinary keyboard is on film.
2, mechanical keyboard shaft has many kinds, more see is black, white, green, tea color, different axis has a different feel, obvious features are: Black shaft no falling section, more suitable for the game, the green axis section falls the strongest sense for typing, tea axis moderate. The film is very close to the keyboard, suitable for the new mechanical keyboard users.
3, the life of the mechanical keyboard can be said to be invincible, a single bond can be used 30 million times, the black axis can be up to 50 million times.
4, play the game to use the natural axis of the mechanical keyboard, and the black axis of the best, of course, is the black axis of the MX series Cherry.
5, there is a kind of capacitive keyboard, the full name of contactless electrostatic capacitance Keyboard (Capacitive) this type of keyboard less
See also expensive, you will see the characteristics of open circuit board green piece, a circuit, but the key does not have any mechanical components "welding" in the circuit. Touch rubber, spring, etc.. Switch
On and off electrostatic capacity
Induction to decide, so high technical ability to make precise, rare.
6, the full use of silicone keyboard seal design, waterproof, dustproof, anti oil, acid and alkali, can be used in any harsh environment, and disinfection and water cleaning. Very soft and can be coiled to carry.
Mechanical keyboard
Red axis: similar to black axis. However, the number of grams of pressure smaller than the black axis, up 35, the final 60 (black axis starting point is 40). It's a new axis for 08 years. Feel lighter. No sense of paragraph, struck down, triggering the key process is also the same as 2.0mm, struck a more relaxed, good gaming and typing requirements.
The green axis (Keyclick): Click, the strongest sense of paragraph loudest, the strongest sense is the representative of machinery, shaft mechanical keyboard, press 2.4mm to be triggered, typing rhythm, but the sound is large, noisy, pressure grams is 60g.

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