What is the mechanical keyboard?

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Mechanical keyboard (English: Mechanical Keyboard) is a type of keyboard, from the structure, each a key mechanical keyboard has a separate switch to control the switch closed, also known as the "axis", in accordance with the classification of the microswitch, the keyboard can be divided into mechanical shaft, shaft, green tea white, black and red Axis axis axis. It is because each button is composed of an independent micro motion, so the key paragraph sense is strong, resulting in a special game for entertainment, so it is often used as a relatively expensive high-end gaming peripherals.
Application of different axes
The difference of mechanical keyboard and film type keyboard for the common people, the so-called mechanical keyboard, is playing up clicking, click keyboard sound feeling. In fact, this is not all right. Because, playing the word, the sound will be very large keyboard, is not necessarily a mechanical keyboard, on the contrary, the film type keyboard is not necessarily playing up there is no sound. How to feel, the size of the sound, in fact, is not entirely determined by the principle of the keyboard, is determined by the manufacturers to do what kind of institutions and settings, as the number of grams to light weight, but also the same reason. In fact, there is a very large proportion of mechanical keyboards that have sound, while the film keyboard has a large proportion of silent. There is a comparison between sound and silence, not a real sound
The application of various axis of the scene varies from person to person, to understand the characteristics of the four main axis can be selected according to their own needs.
Black shaft operating pressure in the 58.9g + 14.7g, is the four main shaft in operating pressure maximum axis, relative to the general user, typing, press up is more laborious, especially just from the film keyboard turn user does not necessarily fit. So it is not suitable for ordinary, especially the female user or need a large number of users, but at the same time the black axis is the four main shaft body, the sound of the smallest axis, the impact on the surrounding people is also the smallest.
The red axis operating pressure in the 44.1g + 14.7g, is the four major axis in the axis of the minimum operating pressure (with tea axis) can be said, very suitable for general users and a large amount of input, especially female users, and the sound is moderate, but the lack of the sense of paragraph ", and let a person feel no mechanical keyboard typing feel unique, even a lot of user experience after typing and film keyboard feel feel feel like.
The green axis of the operating pressure in the 58.9g + 14.7g, is the four major axis pressure maximum shaft (with black shaft), typing, press up a unique "paragraph", can be understood as: press to half, to continue to press the end, will increase the pressing pressure, at the same time will have a crisp sound, so the green axis can be said to be the main shaft of the most "mechanical keyboard" characteristics of the body, popping sound of typing is a sense of rhythm, but also allows users to feel a kind of happiness, but at the same time, popping sound of typing will become the people around the nightmare, it can be said that the green axis is in the crisp, also by the noise.
Tea axis operation pressure is 44.1g + 14.7g, is the four major axis in the axis of the minimum operating pressure (with red axis), typing, press up and green axis has a unique "paragraph", but feel and sound compared to the green axis for the partial "meat", according to the pressure no green axis is so large, the noise is also moderate, can be said that the user is very suitable in general and large amount of input, especially for the first time contact mechanical keyboard feel unique and want to experience the mechanical keyboard, and fear caused by the people around the angry white users, a tea machine shaft is your keyboard good choice.
Thin film type keyboard is called the thin film type keyboard, mechanical keyboard is called mechanical keyboard, according to sources, is not typing feelings, but by the keyboard internal Switch to do the classification principle. The so-called mechanical keyboard, at the bottom of the PCB board, which is made up of more than and 100 separate Switch signal trigger action. The so-called thin film keyboard, switch is composed of three layers of film, and mechanical keyboard architecture is completely different.

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